Use the system in a way that best suits your needs.



With pre-defined templates based on your business continuity or disaster recovery plans.



Do not strain your IT department or infrastructure by requiring the installation of hardware, software or phone lines.

RMS Government Solutions goes beyond simple mass notification. It is an enterprise-class emergency and incident management system, providing the features, flexibility, and functionality business continuity professionals need to quickly and reliably prepare, execute, and deliver on continuity plans. Our solutions help you prepare, communicate, poll, track, collaborate, and report on all types of emergencies.

Multi-Modal Reach

Send notifications via email, SMS, phone (landline, mobile, VoiP, or satellite), fax, pager, TTY, digital displays, push notifications to a mobile app and more.


Reliable Performance

You can rely on RMS to be there when you need it most as we are backed by a state of the art data centres located only in Canada. Local redundancy with automatic failover, geographical redundancy, active-active SaaS-based system, elastic infrastructure model, and more. The RMS platform provides the highest level of security available with the protection of Canadian law and we are compliant with GDPR.

Flexible and Easy-to-use

With flexible advanced administrator options, your organization can use the system the way that suits you best. Step-by-step logical message creation paths enable you to send messages confidently from any mobile device to the correct recipients, on their preferred device, quickly and easily.


Canadian Team and Data Centres

We are the only enterprise mass notification provider with Tier 4 data centres located in Canada. We have two data centres in the Greater Toronto Area and Kelowna, British Columbia. Additionally, we have a Canadian Team located in Oakville, Ontario. Our local Canadian team is proud to offer 24/7/365 customer support in English and French.

Available Features

  • Flexible Mass Notification
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Polling Notifications
  • Conference Bridge
  • Stakeholder Status Check
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Polling and Response
  • Accurate Event Reporting
  • Geo-targeted Alerts
  • Crisis Management Software
  • Inbound HotLine
  • Library Document Storage
  • Automated Database Management
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