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ERMS Announces Record Growth in 2011

Oakville, ON – January 3, 2012 | ERMS Corporation, provider of Advantage — a comprehensive enterprise-class emergency notification system, announced they achieved an approximate 25% increase in revenue for the 2011 fiscal and calendar year. The double-digit increase in revenue is attributed in a large part to the development of partnerships with new customers as well as other technology providers.

“Despite a recovering economy, our success proves large organizations understand why robust, flexible, and secure emergency notification should be part their overall business continuity and disaster recovery plans,” says Sylvain Rollin, President ERMS Corporation. “Sometimes convincing executives of the importance and value of emergency notification can be challenging for Business Continuity, Crisis Communication, and Disaster Recovery professionals. We hope our recent success indicates this is changing and these professionals are beginning to experience less resistance,” he added.

The success of 2011 supports ERMS’ plans to continue the advancement of emergency notification technology.  It also enables them to grow the ERMS team while maintaining and enhancing their focus on exceptional customer service.