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Improved Coordination of Business Continuity and Emergency Notification via ERMS Web Services API

March 31, 2010 — ERMS, one of the leading emergency notification services providers for business continuity, announces the launch of its ERMS Web Services API for customers and partners.  This web-based application provides ERMS Partners with a secure, yet extremely flexible interface between their products or services and the ERMS business continuity platform.  With the ERMS web services API, customers and partners are able to develop secure applications to efficiently manage their ERMS account, send campaigns and report on the status of participants over the Internet.ERMS API illustration

The ERMS Web Services API provides seamless connectivity and inter-operability between applications and does so via standard web-based protocols, including XML and SSL. Access to the API is available 24/7/365 and is achieved by secure communication with data encrypted throughout all processes.

Some of the functionality provided by the ERMS Web Services API includes:

  • Automatically manage and update the contact database from HR and contact management applications.
  • Create and maintain team and site-specific groupings, as well as individual stakeholders.
  • Send a broadcast message campaign directly from user application to thousands of contacts using the ERMS Campaign Broadcast feature.
  • Receipt of Campaign Broadcast results with detailed, real-time status of stakeholder activity.

Although ERMS markets directly to the business and public sector communities, it also relies on its established network of partners to provide enhanced emergency notification and incident management services. The ERMS Web Services API is particularly relevant to ERMS Partners, as it extends their capability to provide simple, yet robust support of their customers' requirements.

For more information about the ERMS Web Services API or for information about becoming an ERMS Partner click here.


Founded in 2002 by leaders in crisis management and business contingency management, ERMS provides Emergency Notification solutions to many of today's largest organizations. Customers span both the private and public sectors, including businesses such as financial institutions - and universities and government organizations. ERMS has developed industry leading emergency management software that extends the functionality of Emergency Notification for Business Continuity and other emergency management professional.  ERMS and its partners deliver an on-demand, web-based crisis management service which leverages an emergency management software infrastructure that is engineered to meet the highest security, reliability and resiliency standards. ERMS is a privately held company headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.