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Full Integration in an Emergency Situation -- Incident Management, Emergency Notification, and Incident Reporting and Investigation Management

Oakville, ON, June 29, 2010 -- ERMS Corporation, a leading provider of Emergency Notification services is pleased to announce a technology alliance that includes three of the industry’s most innovative software companies: ERMS, PPM 2000 and Black Coral.  

The goal of this technology alliance is to provide government organizations and private sector companies with the most comprehensive Crisis and Incident Management solution on the market.  The integrated solution—combining the features and functionality of all three applications— captures and manages the flow of information from the initial incident, through notification and communication, to post incident reporting and investigation.

With the integrated solution, end users can eliminate the errors caused when information is moved manually from one system to another throughout the lifecycle of an incident.  The organization’s responsiveness to the emergency is improved, and the timeframe to manage the lifecycle of the incident (including post-incident investigation management) is shortened.

Brian McIlravey, CPP, Co-CEO of PPM, comments, “Integrating overall Incident Management and initial Emergency Notification information into Perspective’s Incident, Investigation and Case Management platform accelerates an organization’s ability to more accurately and effectively assess, manage and mitigate risk in accordance with their risk reduction objectives and the prevention of future incidents.

“Black Coral is always looking for ways to extend capabilities to our customers in the emergency management marketplace,” said Douglas Duncan, CEO of Black Coral. Duncan added, “Expanding the integration of Black Coral’s products down stream to notification and then to incident reporting and investigation is something that’s of interest to our customers, who are looking for ways to capture information and shorten the incident lifecycle.”

Sylvain Rollin, President of ERMS added, “We are thrilled to provide customers with an integrated solution that eliminates any technical steps in an emergency situation. We believe that this integrated solution will be well received by our customers.” 

Both government organizations and private sector companies are under pressure to enhance their response capability during emergency situations including the three phases of: Incident Management, Emergency Notification, and Incident Reporting and Investigation Management.  The integrated solution from the ERMS, PPM 2000 and Black Cora technology alliance provides a unique offering in the market for customers to improve their response capabilities without having to put time and effort into integrating the information themselves.