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ERMS to Sponsor World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto, June 15 – 18, 2014

world conference on disaster managementApril 21, 2014 — Oakville | ERMS Corporation, the Canadian pioneer in Enterprise-Class Emergency Notifications Systems is proud to announce its Platinum Level Sponsorship for the World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto, June 15-18, 2014.

World leaders in disaster planning and business continuity are converging for this global event, focused on developing strategies, technologies and leadership plans. With experts such as the World Economic Forum agreeing in their 2012 Global Risks Report, global catastrophes are coming in the next decade and crisis management plans are one of the top 18 metrics critical for organizational resiliency.  “Disaster Management is more critical than ever”, says Sylvain Rollin, President of ERMS Corporation.  “Through technology, consequences to major incidents can now be greatly mitigated.  As an industry, it is our duty to always innovate, and I believe the WCDM offers one of the best platforms for progress.”

ERMS is the developer of Advantage, a world-class enterprise-grade mass notification software suite made of 7 tightly integrated modules. Selected by organizations such as Bell Canada, American Express and Canadian governments, Advantage is a reliable, powerful, secure, flexible and comprehensive solution.

To learn more about ERMS Advantage and ERMS Corporation visit: http://www.ermscorp.com
To learn more about the World Disaster Management Conference and ERMS’ Gold Level Sponsorship visit: http://www.wcdm.org/

What Is Emergency Mass Notification Service (EMNS)

Emergency/Mass Notification Services (EMNS) automate the distribution and management of notification messages to multiple endpoints. Secure message distribution can be done via a Web portal, a mobile device app or browser, or the vendor's call center. Use cases include emergency/crisis events, business operations notifications, business-­‐context-­‐based alerting, IT service alerting, reverse/enhanced public emergency calls, and public safety