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ERMS and Disaster Resource Guide Survey Industry

Oakville, ON – October 1, 2013 | In the interests of gathering insight about Disaster Resource Guidethe industry’s mass notification solution usage, ERMS Corporation has sponsored a survey directed at business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency response management professionals.

The Continuity eGUIDE survey is being conducted by Disaster Resource Guide, a comprehensive one-stop resource for crisis management and business continuity information. The survey’s purpose is to learn how organizations, of all sizes and in all industries, manage their emergency notification system.  Who manages it? Who uses it? Who decides which ENS to use? What features and functions are in demand, and which are not? And more.

“We have written extensively about notification services, policies, procedures and best practices during our 16 years of publication,” says Tommy Rainey, Publisher, Disaster Resource Guide.  “This is the first time we have gone to our 30,000+ subscribers, and to international associations and institutions, to ask detailed questions which will be extremely helpful to emergency managers in government and the private sector.  We are excited to work with our sponsor, ERMS Corporation, on this seminal study, and are confident the results will be very helpful to organizations who need notification solutions.” added.

The survey will help answer questions like: ‘With whom do different organizations communicate? Do they include all employees in their organizations, or only select employees?  Or do they reach out beyond employees and include citizens, students, customers, or their supply chain?’  It also will examine how organization type and size affects the way in which systems are utilized.

“There seems to be a lack of information about how emergency mass notification systems are chosen and used,” says Lucy Railton, Director of Sales and Marketing for ERMS. “The survey results should provide valuable insight for industry professionals, so they can learn from their peers—as well as valuable knowledge for ERMS, so we can continue our tradition of including real world feedback from prospects and customers in our product development roadmap.”

Currently 80% - 90% of the ERMS product roadmap is from prospect and customer input.  With this important information, ERMS is able to ensure planned enhancements result in an emergency mass notification system that meets tangible business needs.

About ERMS Corporation

ERMS Corporation is the provider of Advantage — an award-winning comprehensive enterprise-class mass emergency notification system.

Advantage is made up of 7 tightly-integrated modules (Messenger, Roll Call, Crisis Manager, Mapper, HotLine, myAdvantage, and Library). Advantage provides the industry’s highest level of adaptability, most inclusive API, reliability and advanced functionality.  It allows organizations to use the system the way that best suits their unique needs.

Advantage is sold as a complete solution (the opposite of add-ons) that empowers business continuity, crisis communication, and disaster recovery professionals to, quickly and reliably, prepare, execute, and report on the notification portion of their continuity plans.

ERMS was recently recognized for their contribution to Canada's technology and public safety sectors with the 2013 Motorola Award for Public Safety Technology, presented by CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership.

About Disaster Resource Guide

The GUIDE is the only one-stop comprehensive source for crisis/emergency management and business continuity information. The DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE, available in print and online, is set up to help you find information, vendors, organizations and many resources so you can prepare for (mitigate) or recover from any type of natural or other disaster or business interruption. The GUIDE will help you keep your business running, your government agency operational, no matter what! The GUIDE, now in its 16th annual edition, is available at no cost to industry professionals who subscribe on the website at: http://www.disaster-resource.com/