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ASC Gets Emergency Notifications Lifeline During Floods

ASCOakville, ON – August 20, 2013| You can’t time a natural disaster, but when people and technology come together, you can make the best of a bad situation.  This was the case for the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), the government regulatory agency responsible for administering the province's securities laws, when they were able to ensure the safety of and stay in communication with their employees during the June flooding of Calgary’s downtown core.

The ASC was still in the training phase of implementing the ERMS Advantage emergency notification software when the floods hit the evening of June 20th. With a combination of ERMS Advantage’s excellent usability, powerful features, and the outstanding “middle of the night” customer support the ASC team was successfully able to deploy emergency notifications.

“The solution was built to be intuitive and with end user in mind, so the fact that the ASC team were able to set up notifications with minimal training and support—and without the luxury of a dry run—proves what we’ve already heard from many of our customers; that it’s easy to use.” says Sylvain Rollin, President and CEO of ERMS.

The ASC was able to notify staff the morning after the flood and follow-up with multiple messages in the subsequent days.  ASC also used Advantage’s HotLine to allow employees to proactively retrieve status updates.