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ERMS fully integrates with Alertus for even more delivery channels.

Oakville, ON – August 7, 2012 | ERMS Corporation, provider of Advantage — a comprehensive and flexible enterprise-class emergency notification system, announced the ERMS Advantage system is now seamlessly integrated with Alertus Technologies, LLC.Alertus

When there's a crisis, organizations need every channel available to them to ensure their messages are sent, received, and understood. Now, with Alertus integration, our customers can deploy their single notification campaign to all channels available simultaneously – including beacons, loud and long-range speakers, sirens, digital signage, and desktop computer interruption notification.

“Stakeholders can easily be distracted and respond uniquely to each type of notification. That’s why different communication channels are essential to ensure every stakeholder is reached,” says Jennifer Mitchell, VP Service Delivery, ERMS. “Additionally important, is the ability to ensure the message isn’t ignored. Alertus desktop notification is almost impossible to miss; recipients must acknowledge alerts before they can close the message that has overridden their existing computer screen,” she added.

Additionally, ERMS allows Administrators and Agents to customize the message, when required, for each channel or device, all from within the same message creation screen. This ensures that messages sent, whether via phone recipient, character limited SMS, or Desktop Alert, are appropriate for the channel or device. Interruption Alert

“Our customers consistently ask for single point of activation for easy, consistent emergency messaging through all modes. The ERMS integration with Alertus delivers just that.” says Ryan Ockuly, Partner Relationship Manager, Alertus. “When an emergency occurs, each second counts,” he added.

About ERMS Corp.
ERMS Corporation is the provider of Advantage — a highly-secure, hosted, comprehensive, and enterprise-class emergency mass notification system.

Advantage is made up of 7 tightly-integrated modules (Messenger, Roll Call, Crisis Manager, Mapper, HotLine, myAdvantage, and Library). Advantage provides the industry’s highest level of adaptability, most inclusive API, reliability and advanced functionality. It allows organizations to use the system the way that best suits them.

Advantage is sold as a complete solution (the opposite of add-ons) that empowers business continuity, crisis communication, and disaster recovery professionals to, quickly and reliably, prepare, execute, and report on the notification portion of their continuity plans.

About Alertus Technologies
Founded in 2002, Alertus Technologies is a pioneer and the recognized leader in retrofitting large high occupancy facilities for mass notification for emergency warnings. Campuses, military bases, government facilities, school districts, boarding schools, medical centers, and other large facilities have deployed thousands of Alertus Technologies' Alert Beacons, PC desktop notifications, digital signage interrupt software, innovative Text-to-Speech integrated with PA, Fire Evac and Giant Voice in their buildings because of the solution's reliability, affordability, interoperability, and code compliance.

For more information about Alertus Technologies, please visit www.alertus.com.