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Ottawa Paramedics Enhance Emergency Response Capabilities

Oakville, ON – November 15, 2012 | ERMS Corporation, provider of Advantage — a comprehensive and adaptable enterprise-class emergency notification system, announced they have been selected by the Ottawa Paramedics Service to enhance their emergency response capabilities.The Ottawa Paramedic Service

ERMS knows first-responder organizations and community emergency management agencies require an emergency notification system that is reliable, robust, and secure. This is what the Ottawa Paramedic Service now has with ERMS Advantage.

"I believe first-responder organizations also need a system that adapts to their unique requirements, said Sylvain Rollin, President, ERMS Corp. “This could mean integration with social media, 3rd party applications, or existing alerting hardware. But I believe it’s more than that. It’s a system with advanced functions and options, as well as a flexible tree structure that is easier to use than relational databases. A structure that doesn’t restrict how many groups and sub-groups can be created, or how many groups a stakeholder can belong to, regardless of whether the group is functional, geographically-based, logical, or dynamic, he added.”

The Ottawa Paramedic Service delivers medical treatment for life-threatening emergencies and covers an area of 2,796 sq. km. Ottawa's highly trained paramedics form an integral part of the City's emergency preparedness team and are the sole medically certified providers of out-of-hospital medical treatment. They are committed to providing residents of Ottawa with the knowledge and skills to prevent injuries and handle emergency situations.