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ERMS Announces the Release of Advantage Version 5.0

Oakville – July 23, 2012 | ERMS Corporation, provider of Advantage—a comprehensive enterprise-class emergency notification system, announced the release of Advantage Version 5.0 which provides their customers with even more notification options.

ERMS customers are now able to compose a different message for each device used in a notification campaign (for example: email, SMS, phone, Facebook, Twitter, or desktop alerts). Device specific messages ensure organizations can change the message based on limitations and challenges each device may have—such as a 140 character maximum for Twitter or the ability to convey urgency with wall mounted beacons and desktop alerts.

“Most of us have heard the saying ‘medium is the message’, we believe that the device used to send a message (the medium) can alter how the message is perceived,” says Sylvain Rollin, President at ERMS Corporation. “As a result, our customers may need to modify their message based on the medium used to distribute it, to ensure proper comprehension by the recipient. And now they only have to send one notification campaign to do so.” he added.

Version 5.0 also includes integration with Alertus (Alertus Technologies, LLC) to enable broadcast to LANs (desktop notification), wall mounted alert beacons and digital signage. Additionally, Version 5.0 supports notification to social media (Facebook and Twitter) through direct integration.

“We chose to directly integrate with Facebook and Twitter’s APIs,” says Jennifer Mitchell, Vice President Service Delivery at ERMS Corporation. “Through our direct integration, we are able to provide a level of reliability and confidence that we believe third-party integration cannot deliver,” she adds.

Version 5.0 has already been deployed and is currently available.