ERMS Mobile - emergency push notifications in the palm of their hands

The use of mobile devices and applications is growing at an unprecedented rate. At ERMS, we are harnessing the power of this technology to boost the communication capabilities of our entreprise-class emergency mass notification system to support further your business continuity and incident management action plans. 

With ERMS Mobile, your stakeholders receive critical messages, outside the clutter of their email inbox as on-screen push notifications. They can also easily manage their personal contact information, preferred order of contact methods and access HotLine statuses. For added security, these functions remain under the system Administrator's complete control. 

ERMS Mobile functions in conjunction with our web-based application and both platforms communicate with each other in real time. Whether you are posting a new group status or your stakeholders are updating their contact information, screens, recipient data, security access and of course, new notifications are always current.

ERMS Mobile App

Mapper With mobile devices_1366px.pngReal-time location-based messaging 

Our powerful app is enabled with location-services, which means that you can visualize exactly where your stakeholders are located during an incident, in Mapper.

This allows you to send targeted notifications in case of geo-based events or send rescue teams precisely where they are needed. 



Empowers your stakeholders; with ERMS Mobile they can:

  • receive emergency push notifications
  • acknowledge reception and reply
  • manage their own personal information
  • answer polling questions
  • be informed of any progress on the situation
  • obtain back to work instructions
  • and more!