With multi-modal communications delivered in seconds.



With pre-defined templates based on your business continuity or disaster recovery plans.



Deliver targeted communications before, during and after all types of incidents.

A Canadian mass notification platform used by thousands of universities and businesses proven to help deliver unlimited messages to unlimited recipients.The easy-to-use interface is accessible from any Internet-connected device and provides a safety mobile application to engage directly with employees and/or students. It lets administrators easily send critical information to their organization or campus at unmatched performance rates with proven, tested reliability and provides resources or emergency assistance when needed to keep people safe.



Easy-to-use Interface

Any user can send a mass notification with the right message to the right recipient at the right time from any Internet-connected device. With just three clicks, a notification is pushed through text, mobile notifications, email, voice, social media, desktop alerts, sirens and digital signage — simultaneously. This ensures your targeted audience receives your messages immediately.

Our mass notification system’s interface has been tested by thousands of organizations and is proven daily. Most administrators can be trained in under two hours, while users with fewer access permissions can be trained in a matter of minutes.

Safety Mobile Application

To better connect employees or students wherever they are, our safety application drives engagement with two-way texting and communications. You’re able to solicit more need-to-know information through discreet and anonymous tips and keep everyone safe with features such as safety timers, wellness checks and emergency call buttons. The app also provides you the ability to share content and make key information, such as call directories, accessible via push notifications.


Unmatched Performance and Reliability

You can push a button and know the message will be sent to your entire database in a matter of seconds. Our customers send 1 billion notifications annually at unmatched delivery speeds. RMS’s public safety grade infrastructure of multiple carriers, carrier networks and aggregators, and geo-redundant data centres, ensures top emergency notification system performance and delivery.

Superior Data Management

Automatically keep your data current and accurate. Our mass notification solution offers automated “set it and forget it” data management with ongoing, proactive freshness checks. For data synchronization across your systems, our Smartloader accepts CSV files, regardless of origin, and Web APIs that allow real-time updates of your data.

Unlimited Internal and External Communications

Our mass notification solution is built for large scale emergency communications, as well as ongoing targeted communications. There is no limit to the number of administrators, lists or messages you can send, making it the perfect solution for department-level communications. Its geo-polling feature allows you to solicit staffing requests or send wellness checks through simple poll questions via SMS, email and voice calls. If you need to quickly mobilize a team, the conference bridge connects everyone within one click of a button. For temporary on-site visitors, contractors or temporary staff, the SMS Opt-In feature enables people to easily sign up for alerts by texting a keyword or a short code. Now, everyone at your facility can be notified of an emergency without adding them to your database.


Canadian Team and Data Centres

We are the only enterprise mass notification provider with Tier 4 data centres located in Canada. We have two data centres in the Greater Toronto Area and Kelowna, British Columbia. Additionally, we have a Canadian Team located in Oakville, Ontario. Our local Canadian team is proud to offer 24/7/365 customer support in English and French.

Available Features

  • Flexible Mass Notification
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Polling Notifications
  • Conference Bridge
  • Stakeholder Status Check
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Polling and Response
  • Accurate Event Reporting
  • Geo-targeted Alerts
  • Crisis Management Software
  • Inbound HotLine
  • Library Document Storage
  • Automated Database Management
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