How Technology Aids First Responder Communications

Read how effective emergency response systems incorporate planning, process and technology.

First responders such as Police, Fire, and EMS combined with volunteer Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) need effective emergency response systems to ensure the chain of command is followed, and operating units understand their role in emergency response—so that their efforts are coordinated and not competing.

Effective emergency response may not prevent a disaster from happening but it does help speed recovery, and can reduce damages, injuries, and loss of life.

This white paper outlines some major issues with first responder emergency communications and how innovative technology can not only support smart planning and processes, but aid in the rescue.

Contributor Profile – Tim Bonno

Tim Bonno has 30+ years’ experience as a business continuity and disaster recovery professional. Tim passionately promotes and trains Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). Tim also serves as the Training Lead, and a Ground Search member, of the Eureka Fire Protection District’s Search and Rescue Team.