Planning Under Pressure

What should Universities and Colleges consider when developing a comprehensive emergency notification strategy?

Universities and Colleges are under increasing pressure to ensure they’re able to effectively and reliably communicate to students, parents, faculty, and staff when there is a threat to safety.

And, pressure to develop an emergency notification strategy doesn’t ensure schools will end up with a solution that will ease the burden of responsibility and accountability on school administrators, emergency planning personnel, or response teams.

How do they develop a strategic emergency campus mass notification system that takes into consideration:

  • Different stakeholder needs and preferences,
  • Current and future infrastructure,
  • Budget,
  • Legislative requirements,
  • Operational requirements,
  • And how fast news and speculation travels…thanks to mobile technology and social media?

By assessing their risk, knowing what communication technology is available, and how to thoroughly evaluate notification systems—as outlined in the Planning Under Pressure whitepaper.