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Have you promoted your emergency mass notification system? You should.

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Tue, May 12, 2015

As a business continuity or disaster recovery professional you’ve probably put in a lot of effort setting up your emergency mass notification system. You’ve likely already:

  • Determined the different user types your system will support as well what security/permissions each user type will have.
  • Confirmed how to get your user/stakeholder information into the system...either via upload, integration with another software platform, or via self-registration of your users.
  • Set-up user groups, uploaded important crisis communication related documents.
  • Linked your ENS with the appropriate social media accounts
  • Integrated your ENS with various external notification devices such as digital displays, sirens, and desktop disruption.
  • Developed notification templates.
  • Tested the system, and more.

But did you promote the new “service” your organization is providing to the stakeholders in your database? Did you build enthusiasm and buy-in from your stakeholders?

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What Makes An Enterprise-class Emergency Mass Notification Platform?

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Tue, Jan 10, 2012

Google defines enterprise-class as products or services developed specifically for large corporations and organizations. But should only large corporations and organizations benefit from enterprise-class solutions? Absolutely not!

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