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Have you promoted your emergency mass notification system? You should.

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Tue, May 12, 2015

As a business continuity or disaster recovery professional you’ve probably put in a lot of effort setting up your emergency mass notification system. You’ve likely already:Messenger Module Icon

  • Determined the different user types your system will support as well what security/permissions each user type will have.
  • Confirmed how to get your user/stakeholder information into the system...either via upload, integration with another software platform, or via self-registration of your users.
  • Set-up user groups, uploaded important crisis communication related documents.
  • Linked your ENS with the appropriate social media accounts
  • Integrated your ENS with various external notification devices such as digital displays, sirens, and desktop disruption.
  • Developed notification templates.
  • Tested the system, and more.

But did you promote the new “service” your organization is providing to the stakeholders in your database? Did you build enthusiasm and buy-in from your stakeholders?Just like with every other form of communication, to multiple recipients (external or internal), the more engaged your readers are the more effective the campaign will be. However, there’s a fine line between educating your users (promoting your ENS) and inundating recipients with multiple electronic messages (that they may start to ignore as a result).

So how do you ensure the highest level of engagement, buy-in, from your recipients? Well that depends on your recipients. Are your recipients employees, partners, volunteers, or residents?

Here are just a few ways you can promote your ENS that you can mix and match to ensure you’re recipients are aware of the new service and the benefits to them without annoying them by sending too many of the same mode of communication:

  • Holding a meeting (in-person or via web-conferencing) gives you a chance to inform, educate, answer questions, and address concerns.
  • Publish announcements via social media or on employee intranets with links to a web page that answers frequently asked questions and provide a mechanism for asking additional questions.
  • Send non-email based electronic messages (mass chats are one great example). Use it as a stand-alone or to drive up attendance of your meeting.
  • Advertise via posters and billboards.
  • Create inserts with paystubs and other forms of communication with external audiences.
  • Write a press release.
  • Create a training video.
  • Use the system to call or email recipients with a launch announcement, including polling questions to gauge overall opinion of your ENS.

Every organization’s communication needs different. With your specific processes and policies in mind, create a multi-touch campaign to ensure your users are aware of, and accepting of, your new mode of emergency/crisis communication.

For more information download the Promoting Your Emergency Notification Service whitepaper.