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Bomb Scare at Concordia. Emergency Mass Notification Done Right.

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Fri, Mar 03, 2017

Concordia-Digital-Alert-Source-Tariq Yusufzai.jpgThankfully, there were no bombs, and no one was hurt. But no one knew that when the threat was first identified.

When instructed by police, Concordia University was able to use their emergency mass notification to rapidly deploy messages via desktop, digital screens and text messaging to evacuate three buildings in an effort to keep students, staff, and visitors safe from harm.






(Image Source: Twitter @TariqYusufzai)

As reported by 680 News (Possible suspect to be questioned following bomb threats at Montreal university) and CBC (Man arrested after Concordia University bomb threat targeting Muslim students) no explosive devices were found and a suspect is under arrest.

Educational institutions have more pressure than ever before to prepare for the unexpected. While Canada is deemed fundamentally a safe and peaceful nation, threats of violence and terrorism are on the rise.

Concordia was well prepared to communicate the threat to their stakeholders and did so with Alertus Technologies desktop and digital signage notification. Moreover, according to TVA Nouvelles, a Montreal-based broadcaster, ERMS Advantage was used to alert individuals by SMS and the evacuation was "very well managed", according to an evacuee.

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