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What Makes An Enterprise-class Emergency Mass Notification Platform?

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Tue, Jan 10, 2012

Google defines enterprise-class as products or services developed specifically for large corporations and organizations. But should only large corporations and organizations benefit from enterprise-class solutions? Absolutely not!

With software-as-a-service rapidly becoming a viable and affordable option, businesses of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-class solutions without the need for expensive in-house active management and ongoing internal maintenance of complex and high-grade systems.

What is enterprise-class emergency notification? Enterprize-sized organizations

Enterprise-class emergency notification systems (ENS) take into consideration the nature of communication typically shared with stakeholders.  Regardless of whether those stakeholders are executives, business continuity and disaster recovery teams or all employees, the communications shared via ENS often contain confidential and important information.

We all know how crucial it is to ensure confidential information stays that way; to protect proprietary information and organization reputation as well as to reduce liability and risk. And if the information is important enough to send via an ENS then organizations will want to ensure it’s received by the right person.

So then an enterprise-class emergency notification system must be secure and reliable.  What else?

Does your organization conduct business, and handle business continuity or disaster recovery in exactly the same way as many other organizations?  Probably not.  Every business has their own unique set of processes, plans, and requirements.

An enterprise-class emergency notification should therefore be flexible enough to allow you to configure it in a way suits your organization’s needs.

But that’s not all.  Do you consider simple mass outbound notification to be “emergency” notification?  Business Continuity, Crisis Communication, and Disaster Recovery professionals will most likely agree that emergency notification solutions should provide inbound and outbound communication with many different ways to receive communication and access the system.  That means enterprise-class emergency notification should also be comprehensive and robust.

The list of what makes an ENS enterprise-class is not just security, reliability, flexibility, and comprehensiveness.  It’s a long list and list that differs from person to person. What do you think enterprise-class ENS is?  Here’s what we think it is.