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Emergency Communication Saves More Than Lives: Calculating the Real Dollar Value of Lost Productivity

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Mon, Jan 27, 2014

ROI calculatorEmergency and Incident Mass Notification Services (ENS) are the secure automated distribution and management of important alerts and critical messages to multiple recipients on multiple devices, activated via browser (PC or mobile device) or phone. Emergency notification has become an integral and mission critical component of organizations communication strategies. On both a routine and emergency basis, notifications to affected stakeholders before, during and after an incident or crisis dramatically increases an organization’s ability to quickly restore productivity to normal levels.

Practical reality demonstrates that timely, effective, and efficient communications with employees and stakeholders during crisis situations provides fiscal and operational stability that impacts the bottom line, can reduce damage to property, and save lives. The lack of effective and appropriate communications to organizational stakeholders can negatively impact all business aspects including finance, operations, IT, and human resources. 

ENS have become an indispensable component to corporate communications strategies. Whether to notify large numbers of stakeholders during an emergency or contact affected stakeholders about operational, manufacturing, or supply chain disruption incidents, a mass notification system can deliver measurable ROI to organizations. The ERMS ROI Calculator provides such a method to estimate the ROI due to real dollar loss during crisis and business interruptions. This powerful tool has aided many organizations to crystalize the potential dollar loss and prove the value of ENS.

To see the potential financial benefit your organization may realize through ENS, contact an ERMS representative. We’ll show you our ROI Calculator and demonstrate the enormous financial impact that lack of timely communication during a crisis can have on your organization. Importantly, we will leave you with an ROI statement you can share with your team that illustrates the kind of return on investment you can expect from an emergency notification system like ERMS Advantage.

When disaster or business interruptive incidents occur, it is critical to have an effective and easy-to-use Emergency and Incident Mass Notification Service ready to act. ERMS provides this trusted gold standard service to many organizations including American Express, and Bell, as well as many Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government agencies.