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Product Development vs the Marketing Machine (Emergency Notification)

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Mon, May 28, 2012

Most people don’t realize that ERMS was founded in 2002 (by two industry veterans in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and IT) and launched the Advantage Emergency Notification system in 2005. It’s not well known because ERMS has focused on product development and not the marketing machine. We’ve been amiss, and haven’t done our best to share news of our innovations and success.

product development spedometerOur goal is to deliver enterprise-class scalable, and relevant, solutions, while still working closely with our customers. It’s about keeping technology relevant – relevant to the user. And ensuring our customers are satisfied. Over 80% of our product enhancement roadmap comes from customer input. After-all, who better to tell you the direction your system should take than the people who use it day in and day out – in the real world. This R&D and customer focus helps us ensure ERMS Advantage is ever-evolving and consistently provides industry-leading technological advancement.

Honestly, making claims of Industry-Firsts is easy to do – as long as a competitor hasn’t made the same, exactly worded, claim previously. We don’t claim to be the first at everything, but we thought you’d be interested in the timeline of some of our accomplishments just the same.

Elastic Infrastructure (2005 – Advantage Launch)
This is a fancy phrase for the ability a company has to rapidly increase system performance to take on additional demand – either temporarily or permanently. Advantage has always been elastic (since our launch in 2005). We focus on what we do best – emergency notification systems – and work with REAL industry leading providers to ensure our customers have the best system, the best security, the best performance, and the best on-demand capacity to send messages quickly to hundreds of thousands of stakeholders if necessary.

Administrator Controlled Call Throttling (April 2011)
It’s great to be able to rapidly call thousands and thousands of stakeholders in minutes, but what if most of those stakeholders are in the office? You’d flood all your incoming phone lines, making it impossible to make an outgoing call during a potential emergency. Advantage’s administrator (aka user) defined call throttling ensures large campaigns will not overload your local phone system (i.e. PBX).

Administrator and Agent Managed Lexicon (2005 – Advantage Launch)
Advantage’s advanced lexicon helps organizations ensure their messages are easy to understand. They use the lexicon to tell the system to say numbers, and acronyms, or difficult to words correctly (phonetically). It’s part of every message campaign and can be updated by the administrator or agent on-the-fly (for an individual messages) or set-up in advance.

Voice Mail Detection (July 2010)
We introduced ‘beep detection’ or ‘machine detection’ technology to help ensure a recipient’s voicemail starts recording at the beginning of a message and not halfway through.

Delivery Consolidation (August 2011)
Delivery consolidation is what it sounds like. It allows for the consolidation of messages sent via e-mail or fax when more than one stakeholder may share an email address or fax number. This saves our customers time and money. Phone message consolidation will be available this year as well.

Mobile Access (2005 – Advantage Launch)
ERMS Advantage has been making it easy for administrators and agents to use the Advantage system via their mobile device since Advantage first launched in 2005. And now with better mobile Internet access and amazing mobile browsers, it’s even easier for administrators, agents, and stakeholders to log onto the system with their smart mobile device and gain full-access to the system. Anything they can do with a computer they can do with their mobile device. This includes sending emergency notification, selecting recipients via the GIS Mapper, or updating event status in Crisis Manager. 

Audio Message Preview (2005 – Advantage Launch)
When time is of the essence who wants to have to send a test message to themselves, or others, to determine if the message reads well and is easy to understand? Our customers don’t. We provide audio message previews wherever a text messages (to be converted to speech) is typed.

So Much More
There’s so much more to the ERMS Advantage emergency notification system than the handful of items mentioned in this blog. To find out more request a private on-line demonstration or contact us.