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10 Benefits of Emergency Notification & Mass Communication Systems

Posted by ERMS Corporation on Wed, Apr 08, 2015

ERMS had a great quarter! With an increased demand we have been busy. Busy training new customers and helping them implement their new system. Just how busy? VERY! Our quarterly sales results were almost 50% above target.

Some of our newest customers include: Canadian Red Cross, Desjardin, Intact Insurance, Simon Fraser University, Worker’s Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB), British Columbia Emergency Management (EMBC), the City of Cambridge, Canadian Federal Government (Shared Services), Independence Bank, Jewish General Hospital, and many more.

Why the increased demand? We believe it’s because more and more organizations are starting to understand the value and benefits of emergency and crisis mass communication solutions. Our new, and existing customers, benefit in many ways when they implement an emergency mass notification system (EMNS). Some of those benefits include:

  1. Unified Multi-Channel notification – with integration of IP-based systems and the ability to communicate with almost all modern communication devices it provides a fast, easy, and effective way to send layered notifications from a single web-based interface.
  2. Comprehensive threat response – with a comprehensive emergency communication solution, organizations have a greater ability to quickly react to large-scale threats (such as major weather patterns, pandemics, terrorist activity and more) which require rapid and pervasive mass notification.
  3. Reduces spread of misinformation – sending layered multi-channel and/or targeted notification campaigns helps control the message and avoid misinformation being distributed and helps deter rumours.
  4. Rapid and pervasive reach – and emergency-class notification system will notify hundreds of thousands of people through network-connected devices in minutes.
    Precise communication – system administrators can easily deliver detailed and tailored communications based on the threat or scenario.
  5. Reduces response time – faster communication to selected team members or communities at large effectively reduce response time which can save lives and minimizes costly business interruptions.
  6. Web-based system – system administrators are able to initiate notification campaigns from anywhere they have an internet connection.
  7. Employee protection – organizations are able to receive rapid and reliable feedback regarding status of their personnel so they can focus their attention on those who need assistance or haven’t provided a response/status update.
  8. Regulatory compliance – many organizations have different requirements for emergency mass notification that are exceeded with a system like ERMS Advantage.
  9. Acknowledgment receipts – Organizations can record acknowledgement of receipt to ensure recipients understand the threat and know what they are to do. Acknowledgements also aid in litigation response.


These a small sample of benefits organizations can realize when they implement a comprehensive emergency mass notification system. What benefits has your organization realized?




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