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myAdvantage - empower your stakeholders with control of their emergency communication information.

Database management can be very time consuming; with myAdvantage you’ll save time and be sure your users get the information they need on their preferred device. Giving your stakeholders the ability to update their profile reduces the strain on administrators.

Database management is very time consuming. With myAdvantage you’ll save time and reduce the strain on your system administrators. While your stakeholders will get the information they need on their preferred device.

Emergency mass notification survey report by ERMS and Disaster Resource Guide

myadvantage-personal-communicator.pngIndividual profile access improve database accuracy which improves response rates.

Your stakeholder database can be updated in many ways including manual entry, import via “.csv” file, or integration with your existing database through the Advantage API. Your stakeholders, if given the access, can also update their profile information.

But don't worry, it’s not all or nothing. You choose what fields are viewable and/or editable by the stakeholder—ensuring systems put in place for database maintenance are not overridden by manual stakeholder entry.



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It's MY Advantage Too.

When enabled by a system administrator, myAdvantage allows stakeholders to quickly and easily communicate with their personal contacts during an emergecy—providing their friends and family peace of mind while reducing strain on local infrastructure.

myAdvantage personal communicator provides stakeholders with a secure means to access the system and quickly initiate multiple mini-notification campaigns. This personal emergency communication tool allows your stakeholders to manage their personal contacts and quickly send messages to all their personal active contacts.

Sending a message is easy, users access personal communicator via phone to record and send a digital voice message, or via any web browser to create and send a TTS (text-to-speech) message.