Messenger - powerful, secure, and flexible.

When there’s an emergency, crisis, or incident your organization needs more than simple mass messaging. You need confidence your system will securely send the right message to the correct recipients, on their preferred device, quickly and easily—whether you're sending a message to one person or to thousands.

With the Advantage module Messenger,  Business Continuity Professionals have the easy-to-use tools they need to quickly execute the communication portion of their continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Power your critical communications messenger.

  • Create and send a notification from anywhere, at any time, by web browser or phone.
  • Send text (email or SMS), digital-voice, or text-to-speech messages to any communication device including phone (mobile, land line, VoiP, or satellite), pager, TTY, fax, or email — as well as Social Media, desktop alerts, digital signage, wall beacons and more.
  • Send polling notifications to survey recipients and collect data.
  • Initiate a conference bridge or transfer a call.
  • Request PIN authentication for secure message delivery.
  • Request recipient notification acknowledgement.
  • Send sequential “first-to-respond” messages.
  • Send a message to recipients from a specific geographic area selected in the Mapper module.
  • See real time reports showing successful connections, answers to polling questions, acknowledgement request, and more.
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Every message is important, even when it's not an emergency.

While Messenger has been built to withstand emergency-level demands, it is still a perfect
solution for incident notification.

  • Develop templates before you need them for routine incident notification and be sure they’re consistent with organizational message guidelines.

  • Send incident notifications to the right recipients with pre-defined groups, individual selection, by geographical location, or send-to-all.
  • Fast message delivery with no added strain on IT with a hosted Software-as-a-Service model – no installation of hardware or software required.

  • Use or override recipient device preferences depending on organizational guidelines.
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Easy and accurate event reporting.

Detailed delivery reports are always available in real-time. View detailed or summary reports and export them as .pdf for a quick status reporting.


As .csv to incorporate them into your organization’s business continuity or disaster recovery reports.


Get as high-level or granular as you need.

  • Stakeholder activity
  • Stakeholder status
  • User acknowledgement
  • Conference bridge usage
  • Device type and much more