Advantage Mapper

Mapper - Essential location-based notification.

Businesses like yours likely have many different offices, sites, and facilities. Our customers range from having a few locations in the same town to extensive operations that span the globe. They've chosen the RMS system for its ability to help them quickly locate affected sites and facilities on a map and execute rapid communication—which is critical to continuity of operations.

Mapper gives you the ability to be precise with who’s included in your notification. This location-based stakeholder/recipient selection module makes it easy to ensure everyone in your database, within the defined area and filters you select, quickly receive your emergency alert, critical communication, polling request, updates, or instructions.

Free case study. How one city found another use for their emergency mass notification system.

mapper.pngEasily plot your custom size or shaped impact zone to quickly see who is affected

This visual representation of your organization’s locations, or community, helps you target your audience with precision—getting the message out to the right people, while not alarming unaffected stakeholders.

Selecting the notification area is simple with:

  • Several map overlays
  • Group Filter
  • Radius and custom shape area selection tools
  • Zip/Postal Code or address selection
  • Easy-to-use interface with familiar tools like pan, zoom, and shift


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Send notifications in minutes to the right recipients.

When it’s time to send a notification, because of a planned or unplanned event, administrators are able to quickly select the appropriate recipient’s based on their location, combined with group filters if needed. Once the recipient list has been selected notifications can be sent via Messenger or Roll Call modules using a previously created template or a new message.