Advantage Library

Library - Access to critical documents when you need them most.

When a crisis happens you need access to your business continuity documents quickly, easily, and securely. Anything can happen, and in a crisis you need to be sure your team will have access to important documents and information they need to reference or send.

Store documents that your planning and response teams need during a crisis. Documents like: Business Continuity Plans, Contingency Plans, Resilience Initiatives, Floor Plans, Evacuation Plans, Action Plans, and more. Library is not a replacement for your secure back-up server; it puts documents where they are easily accessible when you need them most and makes it easy to attach documents to notification campaigns–so your team can quickly get back to ensuring continuation of operations.

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library-category-view.pngSecure permission-based access to confidential files and critical information.

Library provides secure, web-based access to crisis-related content regardless of your location. Geographically dispersed teams and mobile workers can make sharing information difficult. And, it’s even more challenging when there’s a crisis.

With Library, groups, teams, or individuals can easily and securely access required documentation while your organization’s administrators dictate and define permissions. Only those users with appropriate permission will be able to access content — ensuring your critical and confidential files remain secure.


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It's easy to use.

Library makes it easy to store, classify, and access crisis-related content:

  • Keyword and Advance search functions
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Documents classified according to your organization’s site structure
  • Access with any desktop or mobile browser