Advantage HotLine

HotLine - Proactive visual or audio bulletin board supports emergency or critical communication.

Why make your stakeholders wait for a status update? Give them ability to proactively retrieve up-to-date information by logging or calling into group-specific bulletins.  And alleviate stress on your response team by allowing them to post updates, as required or on a specified schedule, instead of sending multiple outbound campaigns.

HotLine provides stakeholders the ability to proactively retrieve current information, messaging, or instructions via phone or browser. This bulletin-like module is terrific at providing real-time information or status for events of all kinds such as:

  • Site closure updates and back-to-work instructions to stakeholders
  • Proactively managing a public relations crisis
  • IT disaster recovery instructions
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hotline-group-manage-can.pngShare information proactively while reducing costs. 

HotLine enables organizations to reduce costs by offloading communication from expensive live attendants, or outbound phone-based notification, while providing a single point of access to retrieve approved global, regional, departmental, or other group-specific messages.

Your team can easily create multiple HotLine messages for different locations and business groups within your organization—so it’s easy for stakeholders to get the right information at the right time.

Supports both text-to-speech and voice messages. 

Agents with the appropriate security privileges can record an audio message or enter a text message via desktop or mobile browsers.



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Maintain confidentiality with role-based message retrieval. 

You choose what message your stakeholder can receive. When stakeholders access HotLine the system cross-references in the organizational database and provided the correct message based on their role and/or assignment with the organization.

Be as granular and precise as you need to. Filter stakeholder message retrieval by:

  • Work / building location
  • Specific building area / floor
  • Department / work function
  • Group / teams
  • Seniority level
  • and much more