Crisis Manager - Team collaboration and detailed logging.

Crisis Manager empowers your team with information gathering and collaboration tools. It's designed to make communicating and recording actions easier for response teams while providing foll pre-event, in-crisis, and post-crisis logging and reporting.

Crisis Manager is an excellent time-saving alternative to sorting through hundreds of emails and painstakingly logging voice mail messages:

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  • Maintain a clean audit trail and unambiguous record of action, reducing risk and exposure
  • Quickly and proactively manage a crisis with predefined situation templates
  • Organize and track events and incidents with detailed event-specific logging and reporting
  • Alert management and response teams to changing conditions and assign resources as required
  • Provide a consistent, quick, and effective method of communication between management, emergency response teams and other stakeholders
  • Set custom-defined alert levels to specify the severity level of each event
  • Allow authorized users to view, edit, and/or publish status reports while the electronic event log provides an un-editable record.


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Simple and straightforward.

Not ready for separate complicated crisis management software? Combined with Advantage Messenger, Crisis Manager provides just the right level of support for your team with the right level of detail for your executives.  Request a demonstration today.