Emergency notification solutions for large discerning organizations.

ERMS (Emergency Response Management Services) was founded in 2002, by Crisis Management and Business Continuity experts. These individuals were driven to develop an emergency communication system, that would be the most secure, reliable and comprehensive available, with all the features and functionalities that any Incident Management professional would ever need. 

ERMS Advantage is a full-feature, robust, secure, and redundant mass notification system — a genuine emergency notification system.

In a real emergency, you need a real emergency notification solution.

We know mass notification systems are plentiful, we also know when there’s a crisis you need a system you can rely on to get the message out quickly. A system, like ERMS Advantage, that:

  • is web-based (Software-as-a-Service) so that your team can access it from anywhere
  • is highly-secure so your data is protected
  • is redundant so it’s not affected by the same crisis your organization may be experiencing
  • is flexible, adpatable and feature-rich providing you with the tools your team needs to quickly and easily plan, manage, execute, and report
  • is multi-device capable so your organization’s stakeholders can be reached by phone, email, SMS, fax, or pager
  • has a 99.99% uptime guarantee so you can be confident it’s there when you need it most
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