You should decide how to use your emergency mass notification system.

ERMS is the developer and provider of Advantage, the industry's most flexible and adaptable emergency mass notification system. The Advantage EMNS is a complete solution with 7 tightly-integrated modules including: Messenger, Mapper, Library, HotLine, Crisis Manager, Roll Call, and myAdvantage.

And it's sold as a complete system (the opposite of add-ons) and backed by an abundance of Administrator tools and settings that provide advanced flexibility.

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The Messenger module ensures the right message is sent at the right time, to the right people, and on the right device. Advanced features give you the power to handle multiple languages, time zones, poll users, transfer recipients, and so much more.
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Powered by Esri, the emergecy-grade Mapper module provides a way to quickly draw an impact zone and select recipients. With weather and other information rich overlays it's easier to get a quick understanding of the event at hand.
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Roll Call

RollCall is the perfect module when you need to know quickly if your stakeholders are OK during an evacuation. Or, to facilitate routine check-in of employees traveling to, or stationed in, parts of the world where there is an elevated risk.
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This bulletin like module gives your stakeholders the power to proactively retrieve the most up-to-date information, instructions or event status updates. You can be sure private messages stay that way based on individual stakeholders permissions.
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Send it Loud and Clear...ensure your messages are received and understood.

Emergency communications technology alone does not prepare an organization for an emergency. It is a tool to be considered part of a larger strategy. Before reviewing the types of emergency communication devices available, it’s important to look at what areas should be considered when building a master plan that includes technology.
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Technology that:

  • Saves time to reduce damage, increase recovery time, and protect lives
  • Is Interoperable so you can send one campaign to multiple notification devices
  • Manages and tracks recipient acknowledgements and response so you know who to focus on
  • Manages and tracks processes so you know how, when, and where to focus your response
  • Handles social media so you can reduce rumors and misinformation
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The Library module gives your response team secure, reliable, and permission-based access to important documents, Access them from anywhere at anytime then download or attach to a message.
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Crisis Manager

Proactively collaborate with your team using pre-defined situation templates based on your business continuity or disaster recovery plans—while maintaining a clear audit trail and unambiguous record logs. 
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Empower your stakeholders to update their contact information to save time and enhance accuracy. Don't want to give up control? No problem, you can choose which recipient contact fields are visible and editable.
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The Administrator gives you advanced flexibility you need to configure your EMNS to meet your unique requirements. You have control over settings such as: security, groups, roles, permissions, device orders, defaults, reminders, lexicon, divisional access, database maintenance settings, and much more.
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Professional Services

Because sometimes your EMNS is not enough. At ERMS we understand the unexpected can happen at the worst time. We’re here to help.

At ERMS, we’ve provided organizations with assistance to develop and support their business continuity and disaster recovery plans and when needed quickly execute a stand-alone emergency notification.
Our professional services include:
  • One-time Emergency Notification (for those organizations without an EMNS or in the process of switching providers)
  • Live message deployment
  • Custom development and/or configuration
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

For inquiries about our professional services contact us.


Our Partners

Industry leading technology and service providers choose to partner with ERMS


ERMS Service Partners, and referral partners, set industry standards and develop industry leading technology (fully integrated with Advantage), to provide their customers with comprehensive end-to-end Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis Management services and solutions.

With the industry's most comprehensive and inclusive API, our service partners are able to better integrate disparate technologies to ensure their customers have a seamless experience.

“When an emergency occurs, every second counts. Our customers consistently ask for single point of activation for easy, fast, consistent emergency messaging through all modes. The ERMS integration with Alertus delivers just that.”  Ryan Ockuly, Alertus.

Want to learn more about becoming an ERMS service or referral partner?  Contact us.


It’s one thing to create mass notification software that stands up to any type of emergency. It’s another to stay one step ahead of evolving technologies and industry trends. But it is something else entirely to do both without losing touch with what the end-user needs and wants.

At ERMS, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver enterprise-class, scalable, and relevant solutions while still working closely with our customers. ERMS was founded in 2002, and launched the Advantage emergency mass notification system in 2005 with American Express as their first customer (and they're still our customer today). 

What's the ERMS Advantage difference?  First-class responsiveness combined with enterprise-class capabilities.

Proactive Approach
In an industry where getting there first matters, ERMS invests in research and development to stay on top of emerging technology and industry trends. We are always looking to deliver enhancements to our solutions—sometimes before our customers are aware of the need. We are in this for the long haul.

Collaborative Relationships
Our highly-trained team works with our customers to understand their goals and guide them through a comprehensive (custom and live) implementation and training process. And we continue to work collaboratively with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure the Advantage emergency notification system is configured to suit their unique needs. If a customer requests added functionality, we do our best to accommodate. No red tape or market analysis. In fact, over 80% of our product development road map comes directly from customer input.

Comprehensive Solutions
In a crisis, having one unified system that can handle all outgoing and incoming automated notifications simultaneously is essential. At ERMS, we focus on what we do best: emergency mass notification software. It is a cohesive solution…not a piece of one. No plug-ins, add-ons or extras. It's also adaptable and flexible with the industry's most comprehensive API.  That means you can configure it to suit your exact needs, and easily integrate it with other 3rd party complementary alerting technology–or with your existing database software.


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